4 Questions to Ask Any Marketing Company

February 2, 2020

Nothing is worse than getting duped but a slick-talking salesman using confusing jargon to sell complicated marketing solutions.

And unfortunately it happens every day.

The problem actually consists of three components:

First component: Business owners are usually not marketers. You love to build decks and keep your clients happy. You didn’t study marketing and you probably don’t want to know everything there is to know about marketing. You just want to sell more decks.

Second component. Marketing is complicated. It changes on a regular basis and unless you’re living and breathing it day in and day out, it is really hard to know what is working and what isn’t.

Third component. A LOT of people trying to sell marketing services outright lie.

So how do you avoid getting duped?

Refer to my previous post about which metrics you need to track. But beyond that, here are four questions you need to ask (and get answered) before making any decisions. And yes, these apply to internal marketing decisions as well. Not just hiring a third-party.

  1. How much is this going to cost? (duh, right?)
  2. When am I going to see results?
  3. What results can I expect?
  4. What happens if I don’t see the promised results?

What you’re trying to do is assess your risk. For some reason marketing companies assume that you (the client) should assume all the risk. That’s just wrong.

At the same time, not everything in marketing is going to work. That is a fact that most marketers will never tell you. But that doesn’t mean that you should assume all the risk.

Ask the above questions and only work with marketing firms that are willing to share the risks (especially at the beginning of a relationship).

Sharing the risk could be something as simple as a marketing partner offering to start with a small budget AND offering a money-back guarantee.

That is what we do whenever possible.

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