coronavirus deal

The Coronavirus Deal

April 7, 2020

I wanted to do something that would help contractors in these chaotic times and I think I’ve come up with something really cool here.

I recently wrote a post about how cheap Facebook and Instagram ads are right now. If you didn’t see it, you can read it here. I got a lot of great feedback on the post but a lot of it was guys telling me that they didn’t have a video like this that they could use for such a campaign.

So here is the deal. If you want me to make a promotional video featuring your work similar to the one I made for that campaign (sample below), I can do so. The price will be $100. You’ll get the video and you can use it however you wish.

BUT if you want to pay $250, I’ll make the video, setup an ads campaign and I’ll pay to promote your new video and send traffic to your site.

I’ll also guarantee you’ll get at least 100 visitors to your site. You’ll probably get more but I don’t know where you live or what area you service so I can’t promise more than 100.

These people will live in your service area, would have watched your video and chosen to click through to your site.

This really is a smokin’ deal as I normally charge a minimum of $200 just to setup a one-off ads campaign.

There is a catch though. If you go for the video + promotion deal and I deliver what I say I will, I’d like you to consider giving me a testimonial. My business is still new and the more contractors I can reference as customers, the easier things will be for me.

Sound reasonable? Get in-touch and let’s have a quick chat. Quick heads-up though. I am only going to keep this offer open while ads are cheap. I won’t be able to do this once ad prices go back to normal.

This is a sample of what your video would look like:


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