Want a Consistent Flow of Good Deck Sales Leads?

Without having to deal with all the normal garbage from marketing companies? 

If so, you're in the right place.

My name is Eric Haaranen. I'm Deckfanatic on Instagram and the ugly face behind MoreDeckSales.com. I've been listening to what deck builders have been saying and I'm happy to announce that we're now offering lead generation services on a pay per lead basis.

Deck Lead Generation Services

You've probably bought leads in the past and let's be honest here. You've probably been burned before. That isn't going to happen to you here because I'm confident enough in what I do that I'm willing to assume all the risk. Here's the deal.

Your leads will be exclusive to you. Unlike almost all other lead gen companies (and I'm looking right at Home Advisor and Thumbtack), when you get a lead from us you'll be the only one that gets it. No more competing with 3 or 4 other deck companies (usually on price) for every lead anymore.

Your leads will be real-time. As soon as a prospective customer takes an action (makes a call or completes a form) you will get it. People have the attention span of 2 year-olds now so if you can talk to them while your business is fresh in their minds, your chances of closing the deal go through the roof.

You choose the type of leads you want. They can be live phone calls, completed forms or a combo of both.

You only pay for real leads. No paying for calls from marketing companies trying to sell you their crap ... or for people looking for jobs.

Everything will be tracked and transparent. We record all calls so both sides know if it is a legit lead and you can use these recordings to train your staff (if you wish to do so). 

Your leads can scale with your business. Whether you're a one-man crew looking to add 2 or 3 new deck projects per month or if you have 3 crews ready to go right now, we can send you the ideal number of leads to meet your needs.

Want to Talk Now? 

Send me a message on Instagram @deckfanatic or

Send me an email [email protected] or

Call me 1-347-349-5356

How Your Leads Will be Generated

Not a lot of lead gen companies will disclose how they go about generating leads let alone their traffic sources. As a result, you often end up with a bunch of dud leads but since you don't know where they actually came from there isn't much that can be done about it.

You won't have that problem here. We share a lot of our methods within our blog and believe it or not, we actually practice what we preach.

How we setup your lead gen engine will depend on your market and what you're competitors are doing but in most cases we will be using Google ads to send visitors to a landing page we'll build specifically for you.

There are other cheaper and easier methods of generating leads but we've found that these methods produce the best quality leads in a manner that we can scale to suit what you require.

What You Can Expect From this Service

It will normally take us 5 business days from the time you get us the info we require and before you start seeing your leads coming in. 

We strive to deliver an average of at least one lead per business day but most markets have the potential for 4 or 5 leads per day if you're able to handle that amount of work.

So What's Next?

If what I've shared here is appealing to you, we'll have a quick chat and work out the details. Our pricing is determined by the market you're servicing, your budget and what your competitors are doing. As with all that we do here, your lead gen engine will be built exclusively for you and custom-made based on what you tell me you want.

If you decide to work with me on this, I'll be doing everything I'd normally do to setup a campaign for someone paying me to manage their Google Ads account. This is a service that I charge a minimum of $1500 just to setup.

The reason I mention this is that there is a lot of work that goes into this. As such, I am asking a nominal deposit of $150 to set this up for you. The $150 will serve as a credit towards your first invoice which will come after a week or after you get 5 leads.

I'm doing this so you have at least some blood in the game and you'll take the leads you get seriously. If this doesn't seem reasonable to you, no need for us to discuss this program.

Book a Short Strategy Call with Me. 

This will be a 20 minute phone call where we’ll discuss YOUR company and YOUR goals. You’ll tell me about your business - including what is working for you and what isn’t - and I’ll give you some suggestions. All for free.


Want to Talk Now? 

Send me a message on Instagram @deckfanatic or

Send me an email [email protected] or

Call me 1-347-349-5356

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