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Facebook and Google are Hurting Right Now

April 8, 2020

If you’ve done any online advertising to get deck leads you’ve likely worked with Facebook and/or Google and you’ve probably been frustrated with them. It is no secret that they prefer to work with the MASSIVE advertisers that spend 7 figures per month than with guys like us.

Well, guess what? A lot of those advertisers have stopped their ads because of the coronavirus chaos going on. Both platforms run on an auction basis so less competition means ads costs are plummeting. Click here to see the video I recorded about this last week.

These cheap prices won’t last though. My guess is that both Google and Facebook will subsidize their largest advertisers in the form of ad credits. That will raise the prices back to “normal” for everyone.

Of course, it will be the smaller advertisers that will actually be paying to jack the prices back up but that is another post altogether.

The point? Make hay while the sun shines, boys. Click the link below to see what I’m doing to help you take advantage of these unusual times.


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