Congrats! You Made It.

At this point, you may be thinking, “OK, Eric. I'll admit that chat bots are cool but can they help generate more sales leads and more business?”

The answer is a resounding, YES.

Why? Because You're on this Page.

Let’s take a look at what most likely happened in order for you to arrive on this particular page.

You didn’t know me from a hole in the wall, right? You were on Facebook and ... 

  • check
    You saw our ad or something about us on Facebook
  • check
    You interacted with one or more of our Messenger bots
  • check
    Maybe you received our PDF and read some or all of that
  • check
    That was interesting enough for you to click through to this page

And now you know more about messenger bots than 90{a99c36a6f79229d39d84bfebbb75e3e9e4acafaef87a7f196075cfc1faff4a87} of business owners out there and probably ALL of your direct competitors.

Can we agree that Messenger works ... at least it did in this case?

But your next question is likely along the lines of...

Can Messenger Work for YOUR Business?

THAT is a great question and the only honest answer is, “I STRONGLY believe so but we won’t know for sure until we try.

That is one thing that most marketing people won’t tell you, right? Nothing works 100{a99c36a6f79229d39d84bfebbb75e3e9e4acafaef87a7f196075cfc1faff4a87} of the time for all people.

Marketing is by its very nature, risky. It is all about testing, gathering results and making improvements.

However, YOU as the client shouldn’t have to assume 100{a99c36a6f79229d39d84bfebbb75e3e9e4acafaef87a7f196075cfc1faff4a87} of those risks

We'll Share the Risks with You.

We treat our clients as partners. We don't work with any long-term contracts and if we're not producing results we would not expect our clients to stay with us.

As such, we can only succeed if you're successful. And we believe that is exactly the way it should be with marketing companies.

In this case, if you do a search online for developing custom chat bots you'll discover that they can be expensive. Really expensive.

However, we have invested in new technology that allows us to make better bots faster and much more easily than ever before.

More importantly, we're willing to pass along those savings to you

So, Shall We Talk?

Every Messenger bot that we create is custom-made depending on each client's specific needs. As such, we should talk to discover what those needs are and if chat bots would be beneficial to your business. 

You can call me (Eric) at 1-587-410-4767 or you can schedule a call through the link below. Thanks so much. I'm excited to see what this technology could do for your business.

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