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How to Leverage Instagram to Sell More Decks

March 31, 2020

Ok. I know a lot of you think that social media is a waste of time and that you have much better things to do.

First part. Wrong. I’m sure if you ask Dr. Decks, Deck Remodelers or MG Construction and Decks if they think that Instagram was a waste of time they’d be hard-pressed to keep a straight face.

Second part. Yes. Absolutely you have better things to do with your time and for that reason, this post is going to be about getting the most out of your Instagram account – without spending your life staring at your phone.

Here’s the truth about Instagram. When you have enough of the RIGHT type of followers, Instagram becomes a machine that can spit out quality leads and referrals consistently and on an on-going basis.

There are essentially two ways you can get more deck sales from Instagram. You can build your account organically or you can pay for ads. We’ll look at the pros and cons of both.

Growing Instagram Organically

What we’re talking about here is doing what needs to be done to get followers and turn a decent percentage of those followers into customers or evangelists for your brand. Ie. they share your stuff and tell their friends about you.

This process takes time but it is an excellent strategy over the long term. The 3 super-successful deck builders I mentioned earlier all use this approach.

There are two keys to making this strategy work. First, you have to post good content on a regular basis. Five posts per week is usually good enough.

Second, you have to perform monotonous and tedious tasks to get other accounts to start following you. Specifically, this looks like finding large accounts (competitors, local bars, sports teams, etc.) that your ideal prospects might be following and liking and commenting on their comments. Or going through the followers of these large accounts and following their followers.

Like I said, tedious. But it is worth it once your account starts to gain momentum and leads start coming in. Fortunately, it can also all be outsourced very cheaply.

Leveraging Paid Ads

The other approach is paying for ads. This method is faster but as you can guess, it costs money and you could be paying for a long time. However, social media ads are still cheap and if you’re selling decks north of $15,000 it is really hard not to see a positive ROI from them.

The catch is that Instagram (unlike Facebook) does not allow you to pay for followers so building your following has to be done manually as per above. Yes. There are some places online that sell you followers but man, NEVER do that. No good will ever come from paying for followers and it is more likely that you’ll get your account banned.

There are a number of ways to use paid ads. You could promote a direct offer like “Coronavirus Special. We’re offering decks for 25 percent off.” These can work ok but you need to remember that people are not on social media to buy decks so your offer had better be pretty good.

Another way to use paid ads is by promoting your best content. That will get people liking your posts, visiting your profile, following your account and visiting your site. It will also allow you to build up an audience of people that have interacted with your posts and you can place SUPER-CHEAP remarketing ads in-front of them down the road. Read this post to see what that is all about.

The Shortcut to Instagram Success

Again, don’t spend your time doing all these tedious tasks when my team can take care of everything for you. We have content services that will ensure that your account has fresh, interesting content posted on a regular basis.

And we also have Instagram Growth services that will increase the number of followers you get as well as the engagement of your posts. These will be real people IN YOUR SERVICE AREA. They will be people that can either buy your services or tell their friends about your services.

Finally, I am REALLY good at setting up paid ads that deliver a positive ROI. Apart from getting sites ranking on the first page of Google, I’d say this is my specialty. I’d be happy to have a conversation with you about any of the topics above.


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