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How to Look Like a Million Dollar Deck Company on $5 per day

February 20, 2020

Imagine being able to advertise your decking services on some of the largest sites on the web. I’m talking sites like CNN, Sports Illustrated, your local news sites, the New York times, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

Now imagine doing so for $5 or less per day.

Not possible? Not true. The secret is in leveraging something called “remarketing” (also called “retargeting”.)


It works like this. Ad platforms like Facebook and Google generally charge you a lot to get a new visitor to your site. If you’ve done any advertising you don’t need me to tell you that.

However, if someone visits your site and you are smart enough to tag each visitor with a “pixel”, you start playing a different game. A pixel is just a small piece of code provided by your advertising platform that tells the platform that someone is YOUR visitor.

It can be a little confusing so I’ll use an example almost everyone can related to. You visit Booking.com or Amazon.com. Then you seem to see their ads on EVERY site you visit afterwards.

That is remarketing.

As a consumer, you likely think, “Man, how can these companies afford to advertise on ALL of these sites? They’re everywhere.”

But the reality is that their ads are following YOU around. Not everyone. The advertising platform (in this case, Google) knows that you visited Booking.com and Google is going to continue to show their ads first on all the sites where they have inventory.

In Google’s case, this is a LOT of sites.

It really is a beautiful thing for a number of reasons. First, Visitors have already visited your site so they’re somewhat familiar with your services. It is common knowledge that most people need multiple exposures to an advertising message before taking action.

Second, your ads are going to start showing up on some masive sites. The average consumer will think, “Wow! These guys are spending some serious casheeesh. They must know what they’re doing.”

Finally, you can setup your campaign so you only pay when someone clicks on your ads. And because you’re not competing with the whole world (you’re only showing ads to YOUR visitors), your cost per click will be 75-90{3890ac8b10052c3072c3e3989174bdabbca84ef5a25234fda85800b975891f3e} CHEAPER than what you’re likely used to paying.

There are some other tricks that make remarketing one of the highest ROI actiivites online. Things like sending people to sites you don’t even own but still adding them to your remarketing campaign but we’ll leave that for another post.

For now, I hope you see that remarketing is a massive opportunity to dominate your local market as very, very few decking companies would be aware of remarketing and even fewer would be using it correctly.

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