Do You Build Nice Decks?
Are You NOT Getting Enough Leads or Referrals from Instagram? 

Let's Fix That.

My name is Eric Haaranen. I'm Deckfanatic on Instagram and the ugly face behind I'm going to keep this super-short and I promise it'll be worth three minutes of your time.

Instagram is PERFECT for deck builders that do great work. Especially now when so many people are stuck at home and wishing they had an awesome deck to enjoy.

When you setup and build your account properly, Instagram can and should become an incredibly valuable asset. One that will generate qualified leads and referrals for you consistently and over the long-term.

The Two Keys to Doing Instagram Right

If you're not happy with the results you're getting from Instagram, one or both of two things is probably happening.

1. You're not posting the right type of content at the right frequency

2. You don't have enough of the right type of followers.

The second issue is much more common and more difficult to fix so we're going to focus on that here.

The Right Type of Followers for Deck Builders

It is no secret that your followers are the key to your success on Instagram. However, not all followers are created equally.

Your ideal follower is someone that a) lives in your service area b) has interest in purchasing your services OR c) likes what you do and is willing to tell their friends how awesome you are.

In other words, they are prospects or potential evangelists for your business.

I like how a lot of the deck builders follow and support each other on Instagram but that isn't going to bring home the bacon. You need real prospects following your account and you need enough of them to make an impact.

If you're not sure what the best way to grow your Instagram account yourself, click here to read the post I wrote about this topic.

If you want a shortcut to this tedious process, here it is.

Test Our Instagram Growth Engine for Less Than The Price of a Take-Out Meal.

Here's the deal. You probably hate marketing companies and you probably don't know me and have no reason to trust me. I get that.

So what I've decided to do is to make this as much of a no-brainer for you as possible. You can test our Instagram Growth Engine for 15 days for $49

After the 15 day trial, if you're happy with the work my team has done for you, you can continue with our service at the regular price.

If you're not happy, you can just let me know and we can part ways. Of course, you get to keep all the new followers we'll manage to get for you and you'll be able to keep the bonus I talk about below.

If for whatever reason, you're REALLY not happy with our work, I'll give you your money back. I can't imagine you won't be happy but I'm more than willing to offer this money-back guarantee. The fact is that $49 won't affect my life but it could change your business :) 

BONUS: Everyone that decides on testing this service will be given my Guide to Instagram Content for Deck Builders. This guide will give you some great ideas for the type of content you can post to keep you account active and enticing.

There isn't any reason why your great content coupled with our Instagram Growth Engine wouldn't make you a formidable force on Instagram.

So What's Next?

If what I've shared here is appealing to you, we'll have a quick chat to set some expectations and decide on who your ideal followers should be. That way my team can come up with a plan to help you get them.

Results will vary depending on factors such as where you're located, how your account is doing now and what type of content you're posting. I'll be able to give you a better idea of what you can expect once I've seen your account and we've had a chance to speak.

Book a Short Strategy Call with Me. 

This will be a 20 minute phone call where we’ll discuss YOUR company and YOUR goals. You’ll tell me about your business - including what is working for you and what isn’t - and I’ll give you some suggestions. All for free.


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