Hi. I'm Eric Haaranen

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I am a huge fan of decks and the people that build them.

However, I am NOT a deck builder myself. In fact, my only attempt at building a deck resulted in getting insulation in my eye and I had to wear an eye patch for two weeks.

Anyway. If you’re here, you likely are a deck builder and for that, I commend you. I wish I had your creativity and skills.

Unfortunately, I don’t. But what I do have is solutions to a problem that drives most deck builders crazy on a near-daily basis.

Let's Quickly Talk About Your Deck Business

  • Does your business sometimes fall short of your revenue goals putting unnecessary stress on you and your family?
  • Does it bother you to have staff sitting around idle when you know your competitors have two or three crews going all season long?
  • Are you frustrated with marketing companies lying to you, taking your money and delivering no tangible results?

If you answered yes to any or all of the above you’re not alone. The truth is that almost every decking company has had these experiences. Every business goes through highs and lows.

The key is to make sure that there are a lot more highs than lows. Otherwise, you experience the stress we discussed above. And if the lows go on for too long, we’re looking at laying off good people, stress-related health problems or maybe even worse.

Fortunately, the Solution is Pretty Simple.

You need to have a good marketing system in place that creates a consistent, steady flow of sales leads coming into your business.

Sales leads that know what your company can do, recognize you as an expert deck builder, realize that working with you will require a significant investment AND still choose to contact you to discuss their dream decking project.

In other words, you need a Deck Sales Engine.

Introducing my Deck Sales Engines

This is a refined marketing system that gets your company name out there 24-7 without any effort on your part or of that of your staff. It shows prospective deck buyers what you’re capable of creating for them. It educates them as to why working with you is a smarter choice than any competitor in your market - including competitor XYZ. You know - the one you really hate.

Finally, after doing all of the above this beautiful engine encourages these now educated and enthusiastic prospects to contact YOU to discover how you can help them make their dream deck a reality.

I’m sure it is safe to say that yourself or your sales reps would be happy to take things from there.

Getting Back to Me...

Designing, implementing and monitoring these DFY Deck Marketing Engines is the special skill I possess. Each one is different depending on your business, your business goals and of course, your budget. Everything is customized according to what you want.

That said, each DFY Deck Marketing Engine that I build does have a few components in common. First, each one comes with a money-back guarantee. If you don’t like what I’m doing or if you’re not getting the results you were expecting just let me know and I’ll give you your money back. Yes, really.

Second thing. Each engine is as scalable as you want it to be. If you would be happy with just 2 or 3 new decking projects per month, we can build an engine for that.

If you’re already more established or if you want to get more aggressive and you want to add 2 or 3 new projects per week, we can build a more robust engine to do that as well.

Last thing. Every task and every component of your sales engine will be managed and performed by a vetted and trusted native-English speaker based in North America. Marketing companies often outsource tasks to overseas workers. Yeah, they save a buck or two but it usually results in terrible communication, sloppy work and ultimately, poor results.

I promise I will never put you through that.

So there you have it. That is pretty much what I do.  

If your business could use more deck sales this season or if you’re just interested in learning more about how I may be able to help you, you now have two options.

You can book a short strategy call with me or you could request a free customized marketing plan for your business.

Book a Short Strategy Call with Me. 

This will be a 20 minute phone call where we’ll discuss YOUR company and YOUR goals. You’ll tell me about your business - including what is working for you and what isn’t - and I’ll give you some suggestions. All for free.

And here’s the kicker. A lot of my suggestions you’ll be able to implement immediately whether or not you decide to work with me. I promise you this will not be a sales call and it won’t have that feel whatsoever. Seriously. I am often told I’m the worst salesman ever. Probably because I don’t even try to sell.


Request a FREE Customized Marketing Plan

Alternatively, if you’re not ready to talk yet but you’re curious to know how you might be able to improve your deck sales quickly, you can request your FREE customized marketing plan. Just honestly answer a few questions about your business and I’ll put together a marketing plan for your company.

Your marketing plan will give you a very clear idea of what your personalized DFY Deck Marketing Engine could look like. 


I have been creating and managing online marketing campaigns since 1999. Yes, I’m THAT old. During that time, I have spent countless hours and enormous sums of money finding out what works and what doesn’t work.

I tell you this because whether we’re speaking on the phone or if I’m putting together a marketing strategy for your business, I approach it with a totally different mindset than you may be expecting.

I am looking at your business as if it were my own and I’m thinking, “What would I do if I owned this business and I was spending my own money to reach these specific goals?”

That is completely different than just some marketing guy trying to sell you services that will never benefit you or help you get what you most likely want. And that is more deck sales!

So with all that said, if you give me a chance I am sure you’ll see this for yourself. Please choose the option that works best for you.

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