Is Your Website Costing You New Deck Sales?

March 3, 2020

Here is something so simple yet so easy to miss that the majority of us have no idea it is tripping us up.

NOT addressing this issue results in two very significant problems. First, it drastically reduces the conversion rate of your website. In other words, less visitors will become sales leads and less leads = less revenue.

Not good.

Second, it will hurt your search rankings and if you think you’re doing everything right when it comes to SEO (writing good content, updating your site consistently, bla bla bla), there is a good chance that this is the culprit.

It is how fast (or slow) your site loads when someone visits it. Both on a mobile device and on a desktop.

If you’re not sure if your site is fast or slow, use this free tool provided by Google to check it for yourself.

Site Loading Speed – The Double-Edged Sword

Here’s exactly why a fast-loading site is so important.

  1. People have ZERO patience these days
  2. Google sees everything

So when someone tries to visit your site and it doesn’t load fast enough they click the back button and technically speaking, they’re gone. Stats show that 90% of people will never visit a site a second time. That is why you need to be retargeting them but that is another post.

So you’ve lost a prospective customer and that sucks, right? But it gets worse.

Google sees that this person visited your site and quickly left. Their robots say, “Hmm. That can’t have been a good experience” and your site is flagged. Not penalized per se but simply demoted.

If this happens too often, you’re not only wasting money on any advertising you may be doing but your SEO efforts are also going to be very uphill.

Don’t believe me? If you’re not at the top of the search rankings now, plug your site into the Google Site Speed tester and note the score. Then do the same for the competitor at #1.

Nine times out of ten their site will be faster.

If you test your site and see that it is sluggish, the good news is that it is easy to fix. Again, site speed up is one on my TEST ME services which is both cheap and comes with a money back guarantee. Get in-touch with me if you want to learn more.

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