You're About to Discover the Next Big Thing in Online Marketing

We're talking about the Facebook Messenger app, of course. On this page we're going to explain how this app can completely change how you do business and why it will continue to be a staple in your marketing mix for years to come.

Why Facebook Messenger?

Very simply? RESULTS.

By utilizing the Messenger app, businesses are seeing some crazy-effective results. Results such as:

  • 4 to 10 TIMES better deliverability and click-thru rates compared to email. More people will actually see your marketing messages and be able to take action on them.
  • Reduced frustration, stress and expenses when dealing with customer service issues. Yourself or your staff can spend time on more valuable activities.
  • Higher customer satisfaction. Prospects and customers get answers immediately and you're better able to nurture that relationship and convert more prospects to customers over time.

Not Convinced?

Obviously, we're making some bold claims here. If you're not familiar with Messenger or if you've heard tall tales of marketing success in the past (who hasn't, right?), you have every right to be skeptical. 

So rather than taking our word for it, see for yourself. Throughout this site, we're going to provide you with actual examples of how Messenger is successfully being used by businesses like yours.

If you're not familiar with Messenger or if you'd like to learn more about how it can be utilized to improve the marketing and productivity of your business, click on the button below. You'll get immediate access through Messenger to our mini-course on how Messenger can completely change your business.

Note: ANY and EVERY time you interact with one of our Messenger bots, YOU are in control. You will never have to speak with anyone live (unless you want to) and you can immediately remove yourself by typing STOP within Messenger.

All of our bots are really cool and some of them will absolutely blow you away so don't be afraid of interacting with them. The things that you're able to do with and within Messenger are pretty amazing but we only focus on what is working RIGHT NOW. No "this could work" stuff here. Only proven marketing strategies.

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