Ready to Sell a LOT More Deck Projects?

I'm Eric Haaranen and I suspect that I'm about to become your new Secret Weapon.

This Page will Only be of Interest to You if:

  • You own or manage a business that sells and builds quality decks direct to consumers
  • You have the capacity, desire and ability to add a MINIMUM of $500,000 to your bottom line within the next 12 months. Minimum.
  • You're able to think outside the box and remain open to new ideas and possibilities

Still with me? Awesome! You're going to love what we'll be discussing here.

The First Step to Selling More Decks

If you meet the criteria listed above chances are good that you already have a pretty successful business. However, it is possible that you face a challenge that almost every business faces at one point or another. 

A lack of qualified sales leads.

It could be a temporary issue due to extenuating circumstances or it could be a long-standing, recurring issue and a constant source of irritation. Either way, you can easily imagine that having a consistent, dependable flow of in-bound leads could be an absolute game-changer.

In fact, I'm quite sure that you and your sales team are very talented and you'd be able to close a good percentage of the leads that came your way - if you had this steady flow of leads, of course.

However, the problem may be that you're a talented deck builder and probably not a 24-hour marketer. You likely don't have the time or the desire to learn everything there is to know to generate quality leads on a consistent basis.

Fortunately, that is where I may be of assistance.

Effective Lead Generation for Builders

I have been designing, implementing and managing lead generation systems for clients and for my own products and services for well over a decade. And all modesty aside, I'm REALLY good at it.

But here's the rub.

I've only recently decided to finally get into the deck space. I've always loved decks and see the market as holding massive potential - especially after the Coronavirus hit and everyone was staying at home and looking for different ways to practice social distancing.

I think the good people like YOU that design, build and sell decks are doing society a MASSIVE favor and I want to play a major role in helping you. 

Why You May Appreciate How I Do Things

I pride myself in doing a couple of things very differently. First, I only provide services that I am confident will deliver results. I gain this confidence by testing theories and concepts with my own money whenever possible before ever offering them to clients. I don't believe in using my clients as guinea pigs.

Second, I prefer to offer services on as much as a pay-per-performance basis as possible. Unlike practically every other marketing person on the planet, I don't expect my clients to assume all the risks of our working together. If I'm not producing a significant and measurable ROI, I don't expect anyone to keep me around for long. 

On the other hand, if my results are clearly adding significantly to a client's bottom-line and we've created a truly win-win situation, I expect to be justly compensated for my efforts. To me, that has always seemed the most reasonable way to do business and may explain why I have been working with some clients for more than ten years.

Now Let's Discuss Us And Why This May be a Massive Opportunity for Both of Us

Being 100% transparent, to date I have only run a handful of campaigns in the decking space. 

However, the results have been promising and I'm excited to scale out more campaigns once I find the right partners.

That said, I see potential everywhere and I want to do more. If you resonate in any way with what I've been saying until this point, we may want to talk.

Because I have no name or no reputation in this space (yet), you're sitting on a huge opportunity here. I am an ambitious and competent professional and I want to work in your industry. As such, I am more than happy to start small, see how things go and grow with the right partner(s).

Here's the thing. I know from my experience in other industries that when I choose the right partners and I successful deliver on what I promise, my fees never come out of my clients' pockets. Instead, they come out of the new revenue my ideas and services are able to generate.

In other words, I strive to create win/win situations wherein my success is directly tied with your success. As long as everyone is clearly benefiting from the relationship (including YOUR customers), it is only reasonable to continue. Make sense?

Eric Haaranen

Shall We Talk?

Everything begins with a short conversation. It is likely that I don't know anything about you or your business but if what I've written here speaks to you in a positive manner, it is difficult to imagine that a 15 minute conversation wouldn't be time well-spent.

If you have the same feeling please get in-touch using any method below. Thanks.

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