coronavirus opportunity

The Coronavirus Opportunity

April 2, 2020

I know that with all the chaos happening in the world a lot of contractors are struggling right now and many may not appreciate the title of this post.

Also recognize the irony that this title was written by a guy who has seen 70{3890ac8b10052c3072c3e3989174bdabbca84ef5a25234fda85800b975891f3e} of his clients put their services (and payments) on pause over the last 3 weeks.

However, there really is a unique opportunity happening and it is available to you whether or not you’re able to take on new projects at the moment. Watch this video in full-screen mode if you’re not able to see the numbers.

Because of all the uncertainty in the market, advertising costs are bottoming-out. Normally, I would expect to pay somewhere between $0.60 and $1 to get a visitor off of Facebook or Instagram to come to my site. We geeks call this the cost per click.

I am running a campaign now that is only costing me $0.06 per visitor. As you can see in the video, I’ve spent less than $10 and I’ve received 171 visitors. And the campaign is only 36 hours old.

Honestly, I haven’t seen pricing like this on Facebook and Instagram for over 3 years.

And a similar thing is also happening with Google Ads though not quite to this degree.

Seriously guys. Opportunity really is knocking…

Even if You Can’t Take on New Projects at the Moment.

If you’re not allowed to operate, you can still take advantage of these cheap ad costs to build your social media accounts. You can get new followers or visitors to your accounts for pennies on the dollar right now.

And if you do this correctly when this whole fiasco sorts itself out, you’ll come out miles ahead of your competitors that chose to sit on their hands during this time.

Even Better…

To help everyone going through tough times I’ve decided to offer seriously discounted pricing on a lot of my services. This includes setting up and managing paid advertising.

This means you’ll not only pay less for your advertising costs but you’ll also pay me less to make sure things are done right and you get the results you deserve.

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For full transparency, this is the video I created and promoted to get the above results.

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