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Two Ways to Turn One Deck Project into Many

February 25, 2020

So you’ve landed a new deal, you’ve done the design and you’re just about ready to break ground on a new decking project. Congrats! Great job.

Now we’re going to discuss two simple methods you can use to turn that one new project into many with very little additional effort or investment.

The first is to have postcards created that say something like, “The neighborhood is changing. Visit us at 123 Any Street to see the beautiful new deck we’re building.”

The day you start the project you’ll have one of your staff canvass the neighborhood and distribute these cards.

Easy, right?

But what if we take the same concept and make it faster, cheaper and less intrusive?

Did you know that Facebook allows you to get very granular with who you can target with their ads on Facebook and Instagram?

In this case, your ad would say essentially the same thing as what you’d say in your postcard.

When you set it up through the Facebook ads platform you enter the address of the location of your project and have your ads appear only to people that live within an area that you feel is appropriate.

Pretty cool, right? And you can do so for much cheaper than what it would cost to have postcards printed and distributed.

Give it a try with your next project and let me know how it works out.



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