An Easy Way to Increase the Number of Leads Being Generated by Your Decking Site

Add this simple solution to your site and watch the conversion rate of your website increase.

From Eric Haaranen

Thanks for visiting More Deck Sales. In speaking with deck builders every day, I don't think I've met one yet that doesn't want more sales leads and doesn't want them NOW.

That is why we developed this simple yet unique solution that  we're sure is going to blow you away..

Generate More Leads from Your Website Without Any Additional Effort and Without Changing Your Existing Marketing Budget.

Here at More Deck Sales we also favor showing rather than telling. As such, we've added an example of the solution we're talking about right on this page. 

In fact, you've probably already checked it out yourself. It is the combination of video and chat in the bottom-right side of this page.

Why this is So Powerful

Most people will NOT contact you the first time they visit your site. In fact, a good conversion rate for a normal website is about 5{3890ac8b10052c3072c3e3989174bdabbca84ef5a25234fda85800b975891f3e}. That means 95{3890ac8b10052c3072c3e3989174bdabbca84ef5a25234fda85800b975891f3e} of your visitors leave and won't likely come back.

There are many reasons for that but let's be honest here. Most likely, they don't want to speak to a salesperson so they won't give up any contact information.

With our unique video / online chat solution, you can give people another option. Of course, the ultimate goal is to get the lead but this is a less invasive way of doing so.

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    You can put it on your site to increase website conversions (and I don't have to tell you AGAIN how much importance I put on conversions, right?)
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    You can post it to social media to generate engagement and pull more traffic back to your site
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    You can send it to media outlets and hope to get some free exposure
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    You can use the video as an ad in your remarketing campaign and bring back ULTRA CHEAP traffic to your site

Regardless of how you use it, the bottom line is that video testimonials will increase your credibility, put prospective customers at ease, make your marketing a lot more profitable and of course, make your job of selling your services a WHOLE lot easier.

The Problem Has Always Been GETTING Video Testimonials

But not anymore. This software allows your customers to leave video testimonials right from their laptop or mobile device without having to save and upload anything. It is easier to show than to tell so I've setup a quick demo page.

When you click the button below, you will see pretty much what your customers would go through if you want to try this solution for your business. Click the button and then come back here once you've seen what we're talking about.

Pretty Cool, Right?

Here are some final points to make. First, you don't have to include a bonus or incentive for someone to leave a testimonial. However, if you have an online store, you'll be golden if you offer a discount coupon, free shipping or other incentive.

If you are kind enough to leave me a review you WILL get the incentive I'm offering. I set this up so you can see exactly what the system is capable of doing for you and of course, to thank you :) 

Second, yes this solution is mobile friendly. A customer can leave you a testimonial while you're finishing their job and while they're still excited about working with you.

Third, the testimonials do NOT go live immediately. You can review or even edit (think branding) the videos prior to making them live.

I think that is it. 

I hope you can see what I am pretty excited about this. I'm sure you'll have questions so please fire away if you'd like to learn more.

Thanks so much for you attention.

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