How to Turn Your Free WIFI Services into a New Marketing Channel

If your business offers free WIFI, how often do you hear, “Excuse me. What is the password for your WIFI?”

On this page, we’re going to show you a super simple way to not only deliver that information automatically but also create a new and highly lucrative marketing channel out of anyone using your free WIFI connection.

Rather than explaining it all here, it is easier just to show you. Somewhere in your establishment you would display something like, "Want our WIFI Password? Visit YourWebsite.com/wifi

When someone visits that link, Messenger opens up and automatically delivers your WIFI info. More importantly though, they're added to your Messenger list and you can proactively reach them whenever you wish.

For a live demo and further explanation click the link below. It really is smart.


Note: ANY and EVERY time you interact with one of our Messenger bots, YOU are in control. You will never have to speak with anyone live (unless you want to) and you can immediately remove yourself by typing STOP within Messenger.

All of our bots are really cool and some of them will absolutely blow you away so don't be afraid of interacting with them. The things that you're able to do with and within Messenger are pretty amazing but we only focus on what is working RIGHT NOW.

No "this could work" stuff here. Only proven marketing strategies.

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